Stel Uw 'Menu à la carte' (voorgerecht-hoofdgerecht-nagerecht) samen tegen € 75 (incl btw) –
We helpen u graag met uw wijnkeuze uit onze mooie wijnkaart!


Braised pig neck, served lukewarm
crisp herb salad, curls of goose liver and a grain mustard dressing (2003 Antonius Award). Our signature dish!

Our terrine of duck liver and smoked duck breast
onion marmalade – brioche bread

Carpaccio of Hamachi
lime – Espelette – chives – toast – sour cream – turnip cabbage – salmon trout eggs

Scallops from our Coast, seared à la plancha
risotto of Carnaroli rice – forest mushrooms – foamy juice of ceps

'Tarte Tatin' of Jonagold apple and fried duck liver 'Maison Mitteault' (+ € 8)
apple syrup with Aceto balsamico

Risotto of Carnaroli rice – forest mushrooms – foamy juice of ceps - Parmigiano Reggiano - VEGGIE

*Suggestion of the day (+ € 15)


Tartar of 'Balfegó Blue Fin' tuna
salad – capers – shallots – our handcut fries

Ray wing from the North Sea – home peeled shrimps
candied leek – espuma of smoked potato – red wine syrup – fried capers

Flemish farm raised chicken, baked on the skin, with calf's sweetbreads (served for 2 persons)
forest mushrooms – Paris mushrooms – sauce with verjuice – baked potatoes

'Tagliata' of Black Angus Aberdeen, grain fed beef
Fried potatoes – nut salad – honey tomato – Parmigiano Reggiano – tepid vinegar sauce of shallots

'Royal' pigeon from Anjou, roasted on its carcass (+ € 16)
burnt Belgian endives – celeriac – winter truffle juice – our handcut fries

Aubergine, lacquered with Japanese soya – artichoke 'en barigoule' – pointed pepper - VEGGIE
Foam of smoked potato – 'Old Reypenaer' crisp – black garlic

* Main course suggestion of the day (+ € 16)


Dessert suggestion of the day

'Dame Blanche', classic but o so nice!

Creation based on 'griotte' cherries and dark chocolate

Warm puffed pie – fresh fig – almond ice cream – caramelised walnuts (to order at the start of the dinner)

Cheese assortment, ripened by the master cheese ripener from Leuven 'Elsen' (+ € 12)

To be able to bring the dishes beautifully, we ask to limit you to 3 different choices per course.

When you are in lack of time, please let us know your schedule
open : 12 am till 4 pm and 7 pm till 12pm